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Health & Medical Facilities
Hotels & Resorts Facilities
Industrial Facilities
Educational Facilities
Touristic And Leisure Facilities
Commercial & Residential Facilities
Sewerage & Sewage Treatment Plants

Industrial Facilities

Dry, Chilled & Frozen Food Warehouse

Qatrana Cement

Sulphuric Acid Plant & Phosphoric Acid Plant JIFCO - Eshedeya

Oil Recycling Facility (NORC)

Golf Course Maintenance Facility

Assan Panels Factory

Juice Factory

Al Baddad - Airplane Maintenance Hanger

BOSCAN International Ltd. Factory

North Aqaba Special Economic Zone Study

Italian Textile Factory

Rainbow Textile Factory

Needle Craft Factory

Mediterranean Garment Factory

Timco Jordan Car Factory

United Creation Factory

Jaguar Garages

Specialized Industries Factory - Al Qastal

Jack Saccab Heliti Factory

Mitsubishi Garages

Industrial Zone – Aqaba

ATI Jordan Factory

Sindian Factory (PM3)

Hikma Pharmaceuticals Factory (Renovation)

Union Tobacco & Cigarettes Industries. Co.

Jordan Light and Vehicle Manufacturing (JVLM)

Public Security Stores

Al – Hikma Pharmaceutical Factory (Extension)

Ship Repair Yard

JLVM/ JSVM New Car Facility Layout

Al Baddad Hanger

Al Baddad Air port –Administration Building

Ayla Academy – Air Craft Hanger

Ammar Al Nabulsi Aluminum Factory

Integrated Wood Industry Factory and Accommodation

Ariated Autoclave Concrete Factory

Kattan Wood Ware House

Target Aluminum Industries Co.

Nuqul Factory

ARM Food Processing Factory

The Sultan Center Qasr Al Hallabat Warehouse